We specialise in designing an interior to suit a client’s lifestyle by helping them to realise the full potential of their living or work space. This means not only bringing inspiration through things that look good, but also addressing any functional aspects of the interior that need improving, such as layout, storage solutions and lighting.

Using our wide knowledge of furniture, fabrics, finishes and lighting, we can help you to achieve the look that you have dreamed of. We can also solve the time-consuming problem of searching for the right furniture and accessories for your space. We enjoy implementing the results – from finding the right tradespeople for the job, overseeing the workmanship and ensuring completion of the project on time and within budget.

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    This is where we make all the important decisions that will determine the look and feel of your room: colour, lighting, space planning, furnishings, flooring, fabrics and accessories.
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    We can source and supply all the items needed to realise your design, or just a one off piece – maybe it’s furniture to fit in an awkward space or a dramatic mirror or chandelier.
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    Of course, good tradespeople are an essential part of a successful design project. We can supply the right people for the job and oversee all of the work to successful completion.